Experience of the Forgotten:
purity • authenticity • truth

On the gentle slopes of the hills of Eau Vannée, Ian Giblot Ducray crafted a jewel called Fantaisie Lodges. Like a miracle, the discovery of this jewel takes place during a bumpy journey worthy of an Indiana Jones adventure. Car, 4x4, motorbike, scooter crisscross the concrete strips – ‘track road’, which meander between the Rodriguan homes of the village.

The nonchalance of the inhabitants raises an emotion of curiosity that holds the breath and prepares for the desire to discover more. The exploration continues with the pleasure of a healthy, graceful, native, true vegetation.

The vehicle continues on its way, climbs and jumps between the cut earth, giving way to the thrilling feeling of escape, experiencing one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Enchanted Island. The rolling Eau Vannée holds in its heart Fantaisie Lodges and generously offers it to the sparkling southern sea in a perfect fusion. No one remains indifferent to the immediate relaxing atmosphere of the place.

Fantaisie Lodges

More than 15 years ago, it took a lot of perseverance, days of hope, and strength of men to Ian Giblot Ducray and its Land Rover.

Materials arriving on the ‘Mauritius Pride, at a rhythmic pace, the old-fashioned way of constructing gives life to the creole accommodations. Case Papaye, Case Ananas, Case Goyave, Case Mangue and Case Ti-Limon gleam with the patina of vibrant time, offering authentic moments, coming from the soul and making one feel good, just simply.

5 accommodations for 16 beds and a Rendez-Vous: ideal for idyllic stays, full of laughter and idleness. Friends, family and walkers… this is the offer of Fantaisie Lodges which is so precious and serene. The manager and staff are dedicated to it.